Check-Ups & Health Counselling

A good diagnosis is the key to any successful treatment. During dental checkups, your dentist will check for things such as the presence of any dental cavities, gum disease, abnormal tooth wear as well as oral lesions.

Your dentist may recommend dental x-rays to determine the present status of your oral health. X-rays are useful in the detection of bony lesions, initial dental cavities, and to evaluate the severity of gum disease.

There is increasing awareness of the link between dental and systemic health. Many studies have shown an association between dental diseases such as gum disease and medical conditions such as diabetes and pre-term low birth weight babies for pregnant mothers. Your dentist may counsel you in these health concerns and help you manage them.

Your general dentist is the person to turn to whenever you have an oral health issue. The general dentist should be seen as your family dental health counselor, ready to advise you on your treatment needs or any other doubts you may have about oral health.