Fillings or restorations repair defects in your teeth caused by tooth decay, abrasion, erosion by acids. They can also repair teeth that have minor chips or cracks.

White Fillings
Also known as ‘tooth coloured’ fillings, most fall into 2 major categories, composite resins and glass ionomer cements. Composite resins in particular can look very natural if done well. Many patients prefer tooth coloured fillings because they look natural compared to silver fillings but there are material and tooth factors to be considered for each filling that needs to be done. Your dentist can provide you with more details at your consultation.

Fig1. Amalgam fillings

Silver fillings
Silver Fillings, or amalgam fillings have been used by the dental profession for a very long time, with a good track record of clinical success. As amalgam fillings are grayish, many patients request for tooth coloured fillings instead of silver fillings in visible areas of the mouth.

Fig2. Tooth coloured fillings have been used to replace the amalgam fillings